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Beautiful Bathrooms

The bathroom is a room that deserves as much attention and thought as the kitchen. Just as the kitchen is no longer simply a functional place in which to prepare food, the bathroom is now looked on as much more than a room in which merely to get clean. The bathroom has become a haven, a place into which to retreat, away from the busy life we all tend to lead, and more often than not the only place in the house where you can get a little “Me” time. It follows then that the well designed bathroom will have a sense of calm style, inviting you to languish there and soak away the cares of the day.

These days the overall look of your bathroom will depend more on the peripheries than the actual bath and sanitary wear you select, with the emphasis falling largely on tiles and lighting. The majority of bathrooms today are fully tiled, both on the walls and the floor. This in itself gives a feeling of space and tranquillity, especially with a thoughtful choice of tile.

Why stop at the bathroom? A beautiful cloakroom completes the picture and shows your guests that you care for them too!

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