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Carpets are well on the way back in, if indeed they were ever really out, and what a wonderful choice of different styles, piles and weaves we now have. The trend is away from the sisals and grasses that were all the rage a few years ago, and towards softer and more user friendly textures. Over the last couple of years we have seen the resurgence of loop piles, both tight and smart, and loose and luxurious.

Stunning striped carpets are now available in both broadloom for wall to wall use and runners for stairs, at prices that no longer threaten to break the bank. Manufacturers of plain twist and velvet pile carpets have moved with the times, and re-coloured many of their ranges, moving away from the traditional pastel greens and pinks to include a wide range of chic putty and stone colours, along with breathtaking steels and graphites.

Perhaps the strongest movement we have recently seen in the world of carpets is towards the 100% wool, heavy pile, natural and often undyed carpet. These carpets take various guises, from beautiful sculptured twists to a thick, dense velvet pile that makes you want to kick off your shoes and bury your toes in it every time you go near.

A beautiful textured rug can be the crowning glory of a room, particularly when used to break up an otherwise stark wood floor. Whilst for the traditionalists you’ll never better a hand woven oriental rug, for the more contemporary interior the range of available and affordable rugs is wider than ever before. Natural wools, with or without borders, give a smart tailored look, while heavily patterned or textured rugs, rich in colour, lend warmth to a room and can become a focal point. For the more adventurous there are fabulous leather or even layered felt rugs to be had.

A wood floor in a living or dining room can look the picture of elegance itself, especially when softened by a rug. Wood is also extremely practical in a hallway, being a good barrier between your carpets and the dirt and grime of the outside world.

Although some laminate floors can look effective you can’t beat real wood, whether it’s in the form of a solid or engineered floor. Solid wood floors come in various thicknesses, allowing for one or more sand and seal processes, which can give the floor an overall life of several generations. Engineered floors have a solid top layer, usually between 10 and 20 millimetres, over a plywood base. These give all the benefits of a solid wood floor, albeit with a slightly shorter lifespan - a mere 30 years or so, but at a more modest price. There are also several ranges of engineered wood floors that are fully compatible with underfloor heating.

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