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Elegant Dining

If you still have a Dining room and haven’t converted it into a children’s playroom or home office, cherish it. Here is another room in which you can not only express your character but really indulge yourself. Unlike a Living room you’re not going to be in it often enough or long enough to get sick of it, so you can really go to town.

For me the best Dining rooms are striking, almost womb like, with built-in atmosphere. Strong colours such as green, rich red, or even charcoal work really well. It’s no coincidence that Farrow and Ball actually have a colour called Eating Room Red. Don’t be afraid to dress or even over-dress the window. Heavy drapes, possibly double layered with sheers behind work really well. Or why not use a strong wallpaper on all the walls. This looks great in either a traditional or contemporary setting.

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