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John Charles Interior Design - Lighting

More often than not, lighting is just about the last element of a room that people think about, almost an afterthought, and this really is a mistake. Lighting should be as much a part of a room scheme as choosing the curtain fabric, and for very practical reasons should be done at roughly the same time – the development stage. I say this because it’s no good falling in love with a pair of fabulous wall lights to go on a wall where previously there were none, and having to tell a very disgruntled decorator he’ll have to re-paper the wall after the electrician has channelled in the cables!

For me lighting falls broadly into three categories, which are functional, mood and creative. Most rooms should be a combination of at least two of these, the priorities of which depend on the room in question. For example, function is of prime importance in rooms such as kitchens and studies, whilst mood takes precedence in living rooms and bedrooms. Before deciding on exactly how to light your room, consider what you need from the finished scheme. Does the room need to be bright enough to read in comfort, or soft and atmospheric to create a romantic ambience? Even in rooms where function is the prime concern such as kitchens, mood lighting can greatly enhance the look and feel.

At John Charles Interiors we supply and install a vast range of lighting, from traditional hand cast brass fittings to cutting edge contemporary chrome chandeliers – and everything in between.  

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