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John Charles Interior Design - Soft Furnishings

Soft Furnishings encompass a cornucopia of interesting and useful articles to enhance and in some cases complete your home. Whether you are putting the finishing touches to a newly decorated and re-styled room, or simply livening up an existing one, accessories can be the key factor. We all know the importance of getting the right artwork to set the mood and perhaps the drama of a room, but soft furnishings are so often forgotten, or relegated to the back burner.

The humble cushion, as well as having the obvious function of adding comfort to an otherwise back breaking sofa or chair, can subtly or dramatically change a room, utilising different colours, patterns and textures. There are of course other items of soft furnishings that also make a huge difference. You can liven up your existing curtains, or set the seal on a new pair with something as simple as the right tie backs.

Soft furnishings need not be confined to the living room, but can be used around the home to give a room a new identity. A new bedspread can change the feel of a bedroom instantly. Whether it be a simple throwover or beautifully quilted, the effect is immediate. Possibly one of the most underrated items of furnishing in the bedroom is the headboard. As well as being supremely practical for preserving a fabulous wallcovering, and giving comfort while you are sitting up in bed, it can add a whole new focus to a room. Very little can beat the impact and drama of a large squared headboard in a stunning fabric!

At John Charles Interiors we specialise in all manner of custom made soft furnishings to really set your home apart and give it that finishing touch.

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