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Bangers & Mash for Christmas dinner anyone ???

Dining Room
Dining Room

As I sit here writing this editorial (a little late as usual), the news is dominated by a nationwide shortage of carbon dioxide, which seems to be impacting life as we know it. Mind you, I drink real ale, so I’m not as worried as my son who drinks some carbonated Belgian rubbish is. However, things begin to get serious when we’re told that if this goes on it may well result in a shortage of turkeys this Christmas. This is especially irksome as I’m sure we’re all planning to make up for all that we quite rightly couldn’t do last Christmas.

So let’s assume that our esteemed leaders manage to get the situation sorted, and that turkey with all the trimmings is back on the menu, what else is there likely to be a shortage of ? Ah yes, I know . . . dining rooms !!!

Yes, regular readers will have guessed by now, this is my annual campaign to re-instate the dining room. I know I bang on about it ad infinitum, but frankly I make no apology. I really do think it’s a shame. Now things are beginning to return to some sort of normal everyone seems to be straight back to the busy-ness of life, the frantic pace, there’s so much more to get done in so much less time. We’ve streamlined our lives and got rid of our dining rooms, turning them into home offices (which I suppose I begrudgingly get, given the experience of the last 18 months) or kids’ playrooms, or at the very least left them to gather dust.

These days households hardly ever sit down to a meal together, and if they do it’s likely to be on laps in front of the TV, or at best in the now ubiquitous kitchen/diner. Now that’s all very well and probably even expedient most of the time, but it does rather deny us the grand occasion. And what occasion is grander than the Christmas dinner?

So come on guys, what about it? Let’s re-invent the dining room, and celebrate the move towards better times, now we can once again welcome friends and family over for good food, good wine and some good old-fashioned conversation. Let’s give ourselves the opportunity and location to slow the pace of life down at least a little, and enjoy the basic pleasures once again of sharing a meal in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, without Phil Mitchell’s monotone drone in the background – by the way, many years ago when my 2 eldest children were small (the elder of whom is now my main designer and showroom manager !!!) we shared a lift with him in Spain, and he really is that miserable.

Besides, with the growing popularity of home delivery services like Just Eat and Deliveroo (other food delivery companies are available), even if you are to cooking what Boris Johnson is to sartorial elegance there really is no excuse.

In the past I’ve always said that the best dining rooms are striking, almost womb like, with built-in atmosphere, but these days that’s not always the case. For sure, strong colours such as emerald greens, azures, gingers, rich reds or dark blues work really well (it’s no coincidence that Farrow and Ball actually have a colour called Eating Room Red), but so do relaxing, tonal neutral shades when used thoughtfully. Olives or strong taupes combined with soft stony greys look fabulous !

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous, or try things out that would normally be too bold for your taste in other locations. The dining room is somewhere that you will not be in long enough or often enough to become sick of the decor, as you might in say a living room. And don’t forget that most of the time you spend in a dining room will be in artificial light, so once again you can be as strong and moody as you like.

You could choose to paint the walls, using one of the gorgeous Little Greene paints, or why not choose a fabulous wallpaper? No feature walls here, be bold and go the whole nine yards for a real wrap-round feel. There are so many breath-taking wallcoverings available in a massive range of colours, textures and designs that you’ll be truly spoilt for choice. Cole & Son, Designers Guild and Osborne & Little (particularly their collections by Matthew Williamson) have some of the best rich and full-on papers on the market, while the likes of Omexco, Elitis and Arte pretty much have it sewn up for stunning textures.

When it comes to window treatments in a dining room, it’s almost impossible to go too far over the top. The more dramatic and sumptuous the curtains, topped off with a luscious deep pelmet or chunky pole, the better.

Keep the lighting soft, but with enough light for people to see what’s on their plate (unless of course you’ve had a culinary disaster, in which case turn that dimmer right down). A large central ceiling light over a dining table looks great. You can make it a real statement piece without worrying about people banging their heads, even if you have low ceilings.

Finally, make sure your dining chairs are comfortable, enticing folks to stay around the table chatting, drinking in the fabulous ambiance you’ve created (and the wine of course), and having a thoroughly good time.

Now that’s what I call a Christmas dinner to look forward to – turkey or no turkey !!!

John Biddell, John Charles Interiors

Live 24 7 magazine editorial - OCTOBER 2021